Our workshops

The visit to the Museum of Hat Craft will make you discover different aspects of the Industrialization History, through the materials, methods and the technics used by Panizza's factory you will understand how from simple fur it comes out an hat. You'll have the chance to discover more about a specific and unique material as felt is, the basic material for most hats. Looking around the various collections from different era and styles you will discover much more about the worldwide history of fashion itself.

The didactical tours offered by the Museum will introduce you to a journey through history, from old Greece to our days. Following step by step the evolution of the hat and its fabrication. From the very first models, drawn on the Diderot and D’Alembert Enciclopedy to the most modern production phasis developed by the Maison Panizza.




The Lab- the magic of feltration

The fascinating phasis of felt making is the very heart of hats' handcraft. Due to this, various laboratories can be experienced during the visit at the Museum. Small visitors can transform simple wool, hot and water into a beautiful piece of handmade felt to bring home.

Credits Kelli Tungay

Credits Kelli Tungay