The Hat Craft of Ghiffa Museum is not the only visiting experience that the Alto Verbano area is able to offer. A huge network dedicated to educational services, museum and itineraries into nature define a land rich of culture, emotions and beauty, between the Lake and the mountains. There are three main thematic areas: Nature, Tradition and Art. Fascinating routes full of history made for schools but also for private visitors. All with one common target: discover and engage.

Credits Martin

Tradition and Nature

Museo etnografico di Cannero Riviera

How once domestic places look like Wich were the utensil used to work? Viticulture, rearing,   textile manufacturing and much more. Visit the citrus Parc and discover the many different varieties of this fruits. Start your journey back into the past!

Credits Matthew Smith


Trarego Viggiona – Museo Tattile di Scienze Naturali

Here you will have the possibility to experience real nature. A journey through Lake's flowers and animals. With a multisensorial itinerary it will be possibile to discover all the different habitats; from high mountains to woods and waterfalls. Discover while playing all of this! Don't miss it!

Credits Denise Johnson

Art and creativity


Built in 1291 the amazing palace has different areas inside. Now at these days, it is one of the most renowned locations for contemporary art exhibitions.




Gurro - Museo etnografico di Gurro e della Valle Cannobina

Discover the habits and the traditions of our mountains, in the heart of a village where time seems to be stopped.